ESD protection without compromise – TrEOS Protection from NXP

How can you minimize electromagnetic interference? If you’re using high-speed data standards like USB3.1, HDMI2.0, MIPI M-PHY and you’ve experienced interference with popular data bands such as LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth – you’re not alone.
That’s why NXP engineers devised a way to ensure undisturbed wired and wireless communication. The new NXP common mode filters feature integrated TrEOS ESD protection.
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How to avoid electromagnetic interference in high-speed data communications

To prevent ESD damage in your 10 Gbps-ready mobile devices you really need ESD protection which is optimized for three key parameters – low capacitance, low clamping voltage and high surge robustness.
NXP’s TrEOS Protection family is the only complete solution with benchmark performance in all three.


Animation by Ben Thursfield